This morning we were live with the VIVALDI workshop on Industrial #wastewater #circularity! Thanks to the experts presenting their innovative approaches to bioelectrochemical nutrient recovery @AlbertGuisasola, Pau Bosch & @ter_heijne, and the attendees who joined! Stay tuned!

❗️ Only a few days left to register for our online workshop this Thursday!

Join the discussion led by experts @AlbertGuisasola, Pau Bosch & @ter_heijne on different approaches to recovering 3 nutrients that share a common feature, BESs.

Register here!

Congratulations to our colleague @Zaaaainabb, researcher at @GENOCOV, who won a special mention in the "Pitch presentations of your PhD thesis" award assigned by @UABBarcelona for her thesis "Is #CO2 a problem or an opportunity?"! The VIVALDI project knows the answer 😉