Press Releases

09.11.2023 Press Release

CATCO2NVERS, CO2SMOS and VIVALDI to support the green transition of chemical industries

The chemical sector produces the majority of consumer products such as packaging, textiles, cleaning products or cosmetics using fossil carbon, which consequently emits...
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29.11.2022 Press Release

Yeast instead of crude oil: on the way to renewable plastics

Carbon is the basic building block of life on earth. We eat carbon in the form of carbohydrates, consume fossil fuels and produce many things, such as plastic, from carbon. All in all, life without carbon would not be possible. But with the start of the...
24.11.2022 Press Release

Converting carbon dioxide into useful chemicals thanks to biotechnology

To reach climate targets, industries need to accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon, resource efficiency and circular economy. Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) is a crucial set of technologies that helps decarbonise hard-to-abate industries and...
24.06.2021 Press Release

A change of tune for the chemical industry: VIVALDI turns CO2 emissions into sustainable bio-products

The European Union has awarded 7M€ to the VIVALDI project to transform the bio-based industry into a new, more environmentally friendly and competitive sector. To reach climate targets, industrie...
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