Leading the way in turning CO2 emissions into chemicals

The fight against climate change is an ongoing battle, and one of the biggest contributors to this problem is the uncontrolled emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. While CO2 is a naturally occurring gas, the increase in human activities has led to a sharp rise in CO2 levels, which is having a devastating effect on our planet.

CATCO2NVERSCO2SMOS, and VIVALDI are innovative projects that are developing different breakthrough technologies to capture CO2 emissions and turn them into valuable chemicals.

Together, they organise the online webinar "Leading the way in turning CO2 emissions into chemicals" to be held on Tuesday, April 12, from 11 am to 12.30 pm (CET). The webinar will see in detail the different approaches and discuss common opportunities and challenges.

The webinar will be mainly structured in five parts:

  • Welcome
  • Presenting CATCO2NVERS
  • Presenting CO2SMOS
  • Presenting VIVALDI
  • Wrap-up and Q&A

If you are curious about the potential of carbon capture and how its utilization contributes to the fight against climate change by reducing carbon emissions and creating sustainable products register for free here.