PYROCO2 Public Launch Event – Sustainable value creation from industrial CO2

SINTEF and the EU Green Deal project PYROCO2, one of the like-minded projects VIVALDI is collaborating with, are organising the public event "Sustainable value creation from industrial CO2 - Technological, industrial, and societal perspectives on the Green Deal implementation". The event will be held on 21st Septemeber, from 10 am - 5 pm in Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn, Norway.

The event will feature presentations and discussions involving industry, policymakers, research organisations, and other societal stakeholders that will guide the audience through key aspects of the objectives set by the EU Green Deal to achieve a sustainable climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

The three sessions of the event will cover:

  • The Green Deal and the green industry transition - Roles of industry, legislation, and public funding.
  • Integrated carbon management for a circular economy.
  • Technical solutions for more sustainable manufacturing processes.

The event is also the occasion to launch PYROCO2 project, an Innovation Action aiming at showing scalability of a new biotechnological route to produce acetone as a platform for manufacturing fuels, chemicals and recyclable materials from industrial CO2 and green hydrogen.

Details on the programme, speakers and more are available here.