Tech Day Valorisation of Biogenic CO2: Challenges & Opportunities

On the 19th of December, Bioeconomy For Change, in partnership with Axelera and BPI France, is organising a Tech Day dedicated to the Valorisation of Biogenic CO2 Emissions in Paris, France.

The event aims to identify opportunities for CO2 recovery following the recent amendment of the European directive on renewable energies (RED II) and take stock of current and future conversion technologies and applications.

In 6 sessions, the event will address challenges and opportunities of various nature:

  1. Regulatory
  2. Financing
  3. Resources
  4. Conversion
  5. Mobilisation
  6. Action

The VIVALDI project has been invited to present its experience and ongoing research through a presentation in session 4 Conversion. Renato Coelho, Project Manager at our consortium partner Processium, will be there presenting the project and Processium's work on downstream and industrial validation of the VIVALDI technologies.

The full programme is available here.