VITO joins the 20th ICCDU to present VIVALDI’s progresses on electrochemical CO₂ conversion

Between 25-29 June, our colleague Deepak Pant, Senior Scientist at VITO, joined the 20th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation as a keynote speaker.

On Monday, June 26, he presented VIVALDI's progresses on electrochemical CO₂ conversion with a presentation entitled "Technological advances in bio/electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilisation".

What a fruitful opportunity to share the VIVADI project results with ICCDU, which has a long history (nearly thirty years) of gathering chemists, engineers, and environmental policymakers to discuss the latest developments in the field of CO₂ capture and utilization. Today, the conference covers a large number of topics spanning from biological fixation, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry, carbonation of waste, hydrated CO₂, lifecycle assessment, Integrated Processes, CO₂ enabling/sustainable processes.

The full programme can be found here.