Avantium and VITO present VIVALDI project at the 18th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

On October 5-6, VIVALDI partners Avantium and VITO were among the speakers at the 18th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit.

The event, organised by Active Communications International (ACI Europe), focuses on new CO2 utilisation developments and technologies in the oil and gas, chemicals, energy, mineralisation and e-Fuels industries. The conference provides an overview of the market since the 2015 Paris agreement, highlights international legislation, and updates and requirements of the sector.

Brian Rawls introduced Avantium's Volta technology and the company's work in VIVALDI in the presentation "Scaling Electrochemical Technologies: Development of Avantiu's CO2 to Formate Reaction". Within the project, Avantium leads the task dedicated to the downstream processing of the products from the electrochemical CO2 reduction, and strengthening the knowledge of electrochemical process development.

In his presentation "Recent Technological Advances in Bio/Ectrochemical Carbon Dioxide Capture & Utilisation", Deepak Pant, from VITO, featured as well the VIVALDI project. Here, VITO is involved in the Electrochemical conversion of Bio-based Industry CO2 emissions and is responsible for electrode development and the electrochemical conversion process towards methanol and formate.

More information about the event can be found here.