BETA Technological Center presents the work done on LCA in the VIVALDI project at SETAC Dublin 2023

On May 1, Jorge Senán Salinas, researcher at BETA Technological Center and partner of the VIVALDI project, joined the SETAC Dublin 2023 as a speaker.

The SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting focuses on access to data as a central piece to enhanced environmental understanding. The conference brings together scientists, industry and government to share, discuss and facilitate the use and re-use of their most recent scientific knowledge to support adaptive and responsive environmental management and protection.

With his presentation "Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Carbon Capture for Utilisation Technologies: Methodological Archetypes at VIVALDI Project", Jorge showcased the work the BETA team is doing to overcome methodological aspects of applying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to VIVALDI's promising and emerging technologies.

LCA is, in fact, the most suitable tool to understand the environmental impacts of technologies at early stages, helping to guide the aim of the research. The presentation inquires about which methodological choices fit best projects like VIVALDI, distinguishing between non-CCU-specific and CCU-specific issues.

The poster presentation summarised the main potential archetypes identified in the context of the VIVALDI project and how they can be correlated with specific goals and interact with contexts such as the business models, type of CO2 sources, and potential policy frameworks of the near future.

Congratulation on the excellent work, Jorge!