New article about VIVALDI project published on Bioplastics Magazine

The May-June issue of Bioplastics Magazine includes the two-page article “Turning CO2 emissions into bioplastics: the cases of succinic and lactic acids in VIVALDI”.

The article explains in detail the motives behind the European research project VIVALDI, the circular approach and the solutions that are being developed for the bio-based industry, and the industrial application in the bioplastics sector.

The article focuses on two of the four organic acids produced by VIVALDI recycling industrial waste (biogenic CO2 and waste waters): succinic acid and lactic acid. Each added-value organic acid is presented along with its uses, market penetration, and opportunities for CO2-based alternatives.

VIVALDI’s technological solution for the bioproduction of these organic acids is presented in the article, as well as the role of the project’s industrial partners to ensure their fast industrial adoption. Two practical examples of the introduction of such CO2-based products in the plant flowchart are brought by Novamont, leader in the development of biomaterials, and Nutrition Sciences, supplier of sustainable solutions for the production of animal feed.

The article has been written by VIVALDI partners at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences – Vienna, Nutrition Sciences and Novamont.

To read the article, head to pages 22-23 by clicking here.