VIVALDI co-organises the webinar “Leading the way in turning CO2 emissions into chemicals”

VIVALDI, CATCO2NVERS and CO2SMOS projects joined forces to organise the online workshop “Leading the way in turning CO2 emissions into chemicals – Three European solutions working on CO2 conversion” on the 12th of April 2023.

During the event, the three Horizon2020 projects showcased the different technologies and methodologies they are developing to turn the biogenic CO2 emissions of bio-based industries into chemicals. The workshop was a great occasion to explore the common goals, opportunities and challenges, and see in detail the variety of solutions proposed to turn CO2 emissions from waste to opportunity.

video recording of the webinar is available here for anybody who wants to re-watch the webinar or has missed it but is curious about the potential of carbon capture and utilization to help mitigate climate change.

A joint handbook is also available here for a quick overview of the three projects.