VIVALDI partner BOKU talks about yeast biotechnology at Austrian radio programme “Dimensionen”

This week Diethard Mattanovich and Michael Sauer, scientists at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), partner of the VIVALDI project, took part in the Austrian radio programme “Dimensionen”. In the programme, our colleagues talked about the importance and impact of yeast biotechnology in research.

Such biotechnology has a key role in VIVALDI project too. Here, a specific yeast strain of Pichia Pastoris is engineered to utilise methanol and formic acid as a carbon and/or energy source for the bioproduction of organic acids. These feedstocks for bioproduction are produced via electrochemical conversion of CO2 originating from industrial off-gas streams from bio-based processes. Such process, helps bio-based industries to reuse waste such as CO2 emissions as a valuable resource, and shift towards a circular economy.

Discover more about the power of yeast by listening to the radio programme online (and free until 28 September 2022) here.