VIVALDI presented at the CAPTURE’s workshop dedicated to energy use in carbon capture and reuse

On the 4th of March 2024, our colleague Deepak Pant, Senior Scientist at our consortium partner VITO, participated in the workshop on "Considerations and trajectories of energy use in carbon capture and reuse", organised by CAPTURE in Ghent, Belgium.

Deepak held a presentation showcasing a selection of remarkable projects in which VITO is participating. Among them, our colleague showcased the VIVALDI project, its concept, objectives, and VITO's research involvement in the Electrochemical conversion of Bio-based Industry CO2 emissions and work on electrode development and electrochemical conversion process towards methanol and formate.

CAPTURE is a research platform on circular economy that links above 300 researchers and above 100 companies. It is a one-stop-shop for industry and government and offers integrated solutions related to resource recovery, without being restrained by the boundaries of institutes and stakeholders.